Dr. Michael

 University of Georgia graduate Dr. Michael Lieberman is known to be a passionate, caring, and honest veterinarian. He has been praised by clients for his wonderful “dog-side manner”.

Our Client Love Dr. Michael

"I LOVE Coastal Veterinary Clinic! Dr. Michael takes such WONDERFUL Care of my Mr. Orange every visit! We are so Thankful for having such a Fabulous Doctor for all of our needs!"

- Paige

"Dr Lieberman is amazing! Such a kind man! All the staff here are incredible. So blessed to have them to care for my love!!!!"

- Kim

"Dr. Michael's "dog side" manner is incredible. We were able to be in room with Selene and see everything he did. The price is also very reasonable!"

- Ray

A chat with Dr. Michael

The areas of veterinary medicine that excite me most are… complex internal medicine cases. To me, they’re almost like a puzzle… so many different elements involved and I have to figure out how they fit together and how I can best address all of those different abnormalities. I also enjoy Cardiology and Ophthalmology.

A particular case that recently presented to me that was rather unusual was a case of something called “Acute Canine Eosinophilic Dermatitis”, which is a rather uncommon immune-mediated disorder that will cause a patient to become acutely febrile (massive fever) and their entire body will swell up like a balloon. It was a difficult case to diagnose, but once that diagnosis was made and the appropriate treatment was instituted, the dog showed rapid recovery and is doing very well.

I credit my success as a veterinarian to two main people that are very important in my life. One is my father who has always helped guide me and support me in whatever I’ve chosen to do. And secondarily, is the owner of Coastal Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Ben Parker, who has served as a constant mentor from the time I was working here as an assistant, throughout veterinary school, and as I continued to practice and grow as a veterinarian. I could not hope for a better mentor than him.

Being proactive is so important. Waiting until things get really bad is going to make it that much more difficult for me or our other staff to get your pet feeling better. Seeing a veterinarian at least yearly and, as a patient ages, I often recommend them seeing a veterinarian twice yearly. In addition, something not often talked about in veterinary medicine is obesity in our animals and the serious comorbidities that obesity can cause, including early-onset arthritis, various endocrine conditions, diabetes, Cushings, Addisons,and decreased life span overall. (Using) the appropriate diet and amount of calories in keeping your pet at an appropriate body condition is extremely important.

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