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Dr. Ben Parker is the owner and lead veterinarian of Coastal Veterinary Clinic. He has dedicated his services to pets of the Lowcountry for over 30 years and is known by many in the area as the “best vet in Bluffton”. 

Our clients love Dr. Parker

"I have a very difficult patient (15 lb. male cat). Dr. Parker is so understanding and does everything he can to make my guy's visit productive, safe, and brief. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I am so glad they are there for my pet."

- Marty B.

"Only vet we recommend period, Dr Ben Parker is by far the best vet around and now offers emergency services!"

- Rick K.

"Dr. Parker is the best. He is compassionate and loves his animal patients."

- Tim H.

A Chat with Dr. Parker

I started Coastal Veterinary Clinic in 1993. I opened up a little shopping center office at Moss Creek Village (initially) and, when the opportunity came to open up here in Bluffton, I saw the area growing and opened up my location on Buck Island Road in 2001 where we’ve been ever since. 

I was one of those kids that collected frogs and butterflies and always loved animals from a very young age and had pets from a very early age. I was always rescuing wildlife, which is something I still have a fondness for in my professional career. And I’ve always been curious too. So I combined my interest in biology and science, and I think the perfect fit for me was to become a veterinarian. And I’ve enjoyed it. 

Well, I’ve been practicing for 33 years now and have always enjoyed general practice. I do enjoy surgery quite a bit (exploratories, orthopedics, etc). But I think just really developing good relationships with my clients. It’s a small community and I’ve been able to develop long term relationships with not only my clients, but with their pets. 

I think it’s been successful from the beginning because I really enjoy what I do and I think that comes across to my clients. The enjoyment of actually loving what you do and looking forward to Mondays instead of dreading them. And the other thing, and I think my staff all have this same mentality, is that I am compassionate… I really care. 

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