Pets for Adoption


This sweet face belongs to Khaki. Khaki is a 7 week old Shepherd mix and is the sweetest girl! She is very brave and loves to try new things with her people. Khaki  has no issues with cats, kids, or other dogs. She will be available to go home as early as July 1st!


Polly is our resident “pocket cat”. This means she is little and sweet and just loves to hang out with our clinic staff! She can be a little shy at first but doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Polly loves to play with toys and other kitties but still isn’t too sure about dogs. Polly is ready to go to her new home as soon as you’re ready to take her there!


Don’t let the name fool you, Midge is a boy, and what a handsome one at that! This little fluff ball absolutely LOVES attention from people and to play with his toys. He can be vocal when he wants attention or food (or both). Midge has no issues with other kitties but still isn’t too sure about dogs. He is available to take home!


This little flower child is a new addition to our clinic family but she has stolen our hearts already. Blossom can be rather shy at first but she sure loves a good cuddle. Adoptable right now!


Buttercup is a girl with some sass! She is not mean or aggressive but she has no problem letting the people know how she feels about a situation. Blossom is a recent addition to our clinic family but is available to go home any time!


This girl is a rarity! Female tabby cats don’t come around every day and this sweet girl has a beautiful personality to go with that stunning coat! Brie is a super sweet little girl who doesn’t talk much. It can take her a minute to get used to new people and things but once she’s settled she’s as sweet as pie. Brie is ready to go to her forever family!


Little Oscar the wildman. Oscar is a funny little dude with a lot of personality. He loves to run and jump and play with people and other kitties! He’s a typical boy with a lot of energy but is just as happy to snuggle up in your lap for a while. Take this sweet boy home today!